Contempt of court occurs when a party fails to comply with a court order. It often occurs in a family law context. For example, if one parent defies a court order and refuses to turn over the children for visitation to the other parent, the aggrieved parent may request the court to hold the non-complying parent in contempt.

There are defenses that can be presented to the court. On occasion, there are circumstances that arise that make it impossible to comply with a court order. For example, a spouse may fail to pay spousal support because the paying party was laid off of the job and had no income.

Civil penalties for contempt may include a fine or even time in jail. Most often, the contempt can be resolved without these penalties if the non-complying party ultimately complies with the order of the court.

If you think your children's other parent, or your ex-spouse, has defied a court order, review carefully your divorce decree or court-approved parenting plan. If the other party has failed to comply with an order, you may bring a motion for contempt.

If your ex-spouse or children's parent has brought a contempt motion against you, you may need to contact an attorney to help you defend against the request.

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