Family Law

Perhaps no area of the legal system has a more profound impact on everyday people than family law. The breakup of a marriage, custody, visitation and the economic changes that accompany these life-altering issues come with high emotions. Although it can be stressful and seem uncertain, working with an experienced Georgia family lawyer can help you navigate the legal process to a positive result. At the law offices of Lauren A. Taylor, P.C., we vigorously represent our client's interest with compassion and the knowledge that amicable resolutions are important to long-term family success.


While the courts have a formula for determining things such as child support it is generally in your best interest to have an open dialogue between attorneys. Through an active negotiation, the unique things that are important to you can be negotiated. These might include specific parent-child time, joint custody, retaining assets you have a personal connection with and others. By working through a fair and open negotiation process, you improve your opportunity to map out a future that makes sense. However, if the other side becomes unreasonable, we won't hesitate to litigate these issues.


There are times in family law discussions when people reach an impasse. Before a courtroom hearing becomes necessary, judges and lawyers are often willing to advocate for the assistance of family professionals. Having both sides sit down and work with impartial practitioners may help bridge the gaps. Mediation can be a valuable tool for resolving differences and working toward an amicable final court order.


While the goal of any family law matter is to have a positive outcome, not everyone comes to the table with reasonable intentions. When the other side won't amicably resolve critical issues, we won't hesitate to litigate them. These items may include:

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