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The end of a marriage is an emotional time, but the process of divorce is, in many ways, a technical matter. For those with young children, divorce brings difficult discussions about child custody, but for others, the divorce process is frequently about money and paperwork.

Reaching the best results in these matters takes skill, knowledge and a lot of patience. It makes a big difference when you have the help of a talented attorney.

At the Newnan, Georgia, law office of Lauren A. Taylor, P.C., we help people reach the best resolutions in cases involving issues such as:

Understanding Property Division

Every divorcing couple must divide marital property in accordance with state law. This process is known as property division, and it represents the most complicated aspect of many divorces.

Dividing your marital property in a divorce is rarely a simple matter of splitting things 50-50.

While assets such as bank accounts are relatively easy to split 50-50, other types of property present a challenge. Often, a divorcing couple must sell the family home to distribute its value between the spouses. If one party wants to remain in the home, he or she may have to buy out the other's share in the negotiation process.

This kind of negotiation can be even trickier for less tangible assets such as retirement accounts or family businesses. In many cases, the parties must hire a professional to estimate the value. This valuation then becomes part of the negotiation.

For the best result, it is crucial to have help from a skilled attorney throughout the property division process.

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